The ATC Mission Statement

Applied Tactical Concepts LLC (ATC) is dedicated to providing professional innovative training based on the fundamentals of safety, usefulness and effectiveness. The training provided will include the latest in technological innovations and will be applied to teach real life applications by instructors with extensive experience in their perspective disciplines. Each student is guaranteed to receive the most current and comprehensive training available anywhere in the world today.

ATC has a continuing goal to be the best at what we do, and it shows!

John Weeks
ATC Founder & Training Director

Applied Tactical Concepts, LLC. was founded by John Weeks in 2007. In the years of being associated with the firearms and training industry he has observed and realized the need for responsible citizens, armed professionals, and governmental departments to have access to current, up-to-date, professional instruction and training.

and his team of certified instructors have extensive experience in the esoteric field of instruction and training. They have amassed countless hours of experience: providing professional instruction, participating in competition and operating in high risk combat situations. They join forces with other experienced instructors who share their goal of providing professional, current and comprehensive training available anywhere in the world today.

John has over 30 years of practical experience with firearms. He comes from years of experience as a local law enforcement officer, criminal investigator, law enforcement training specialist, state-licensed private investigator, and is a certified NRA Training Counselor in all disiplines and Sig-Sauer Master Firearms Instructor.
Jonathan Sarge
ATC Assistant Training Director

Jonathan Sarge is the Assistant Training Director for ATC. He is an example of the typical ATC instructor. Coming from a background of over 30 years of practical firearms experience, Jonathan served in the United States Army as an ordnance specialist and military police officer. Additionally, Jonathan has worked for local and state law enforcement agencies, as well as the United States Department of Defense as a military contractor in the Middle East and Asia.  Jonathan has been an NRA instructor for several years, and has proven himself to be an effective teacher that provides an enjoyable educational experience for our students.

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