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If you are seeking firearms or tactical training, then look no further...

We are a professional firearm and tactical training provider with over 60 years of experience. Though years of intensive training, practical experience, and expert knowledge of firearms, our trainers have a unique understanding of your needs and the ability to train any student quickly and effectively - from beginner to advanced levels.

ATC trains responsible citizens including men, women, and youth as well as armed professionals including law enforcement, private investigators, security professionals, military and governmental departments such as SWAT, SRT, SOG, high risk teams, etc.

All of our training is done to the highest safety and training standards set forth by NRA, local, state, and federal governmental authorities.
For individuals and families, ATC offers a warm, relaxed, small classroom training atmosphere. We have learned that people learn faster and retain more knowledge when they are in an enviornment which they find comfortable and non-intimidating. ATC will give you and your family the firearms skills you seek in an atmosphere you enjoy.

professionals and companies, ATC boasts decades of training experience in teaching armed professionals. Our superior training techniques are effective, training the armed professional quickly and economically. Small classes ensure that each student suprasses all expectations required.

For people interested in making
career transitions into the Private Investigator, Private Security, or Executive Protection fields, ATC offers comprehensive training which will grant the student a complete skill set to succeed on their new career path.
No matter your training needs, Applied Tactical Concepts LLC has you covered. Contact us to today to discuss how we can best serve you. Please check our TRAINING page to see a detailed list of our available courses. 
Welcome to Applied Tactical Concepts LLC
A World Class Firearms & Tactical Training Provider
All ATC's Certified Instructors have at least 20 years of operational, tactical, and firearms experience as prior law enforcement, military, and security professionals. Click here to learn more about us!
ATC offers family-oriented training for all ages to become both safe and proficient with their firearms in a relaxed, comfortable, and enjoyable training enviornment. Click here to learn more about our courses.
ATC has extensive experience with all manner of firearms, from antique muzzleloaders to modern military hardware, such as the above Class III M4 SBR. ATC knows your firearm from the inside out.
Interested in learning more about training with ATC? Click here to contact us, we'd love to hear from you!
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